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The Problem

Life is hard, especially for Zombies.  You and I might lose our keys and our marbles, but Zombies often misplace much more important items (like limbs).

Now imagine a Zombie trying to get ready for a date.  Not an easy prospect when you are not sure where you last saw your right leg.

Welcome to the fun and quirky world of My Date with a Zombie, where you get to help your favorite lovable zombie get ready for a date.


To play, simply deal 3 cards to each player.  On your turn, roll the dice and if you have the card indicated, place it face down.  Each round as you build on your zombie, you will have a variety of options to get your zombie ready for their date.

To win, be the one with the most points.  Points are awarded in a variety of ways, so choose your options carefully.

With a wonderful balance of strategy and luck, My Date with a Zombie will be a big hit with your human and zombie friends.

Also includes several game modes to provide variety and re-play-ability.

The Solution


A Chance to Win

From now until Halloween, we are giving you a chance to win a

$50 gift card and a copy of

My Date with a Zombie.


Best of all, you can support your favorite local game store at the same time.  Winners will get to choose the local game store of their choice.

* Not available in all countries.  Please check your local laws before entering the draw.  Full terms and conditions are available upon request.



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